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We belong to the era of the empowered customer. Charged by the extensive use of cloud, social, and mobile technologies, customers now have access to information, choices and opportunities to broadcast their opinions, widely and loudly, more than ever before. The result? There’s been a revolutionary shift in the balance of power between companies and their customers. If a consumer is unhappy with the service they’ve been provided, they deserve to be heard. MyShikayat provides you with a platform for the same. Empowering consumers is a much used phrase, but one often used without a definition. It can be broadly classified into: The resources available to consumers to make informed choices. The institutions and safeguards that support them in doing this. MyShikayat satisfies both of the above mentioned points. It provides you with resources (an expert who looks into your complaint) and at the same time it is a safeguard which supports you in reaching out to the seller. “Brands have never been more fragile. The reason is simple: customers are supremely well informed and far more likely to investigate the real value of products than to rely on logos.” - James Surowiecki That’s what brings the need for platforms like MyShikayat At the end of the day, MyShikayat provides an invaluable chance for consumers to make companies understand what their customers want and to provide products and services in the way customers want them.

The power belongs to the customers.

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