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Once the F.I.R. has been registered the investigation in the case shall begin. In criminal proceedings once a Police Officer receives information about the commission of an offence he is entitled to start investigation of the matter. Investigation includes all the proceedings of collection of evidence conducted by a police officer or by any person who is authorized by the Magistrate in his behalf.

Your Rights
  • No male under the age of fifteen years or woman shall be required to attend at any place other than where they reside.
  • The police officer shall orally examine the person supposed to be acquainted with the facts and circumstances of the case.
  • A person is not bound to answer those questions, which would have a tendency to expose him to a criminal charge or to a penalty or forfeiture.
  • No statement made by any person to a police officer in the course of investigation in writing shall be signed by the person making it.
  • No police officer shall prevent any person from making in the course of any investigation any statement, which he may be disposed to make of his own freewill.
Your Duties
  • An F.I.R. can be filed in the police station of the concerned area in whose jurisdiction the offence has occurred. It must be made to the officer-in-charge of the police station and if he is not available the Assistant Sub Inspector is competent to enter upon the investigation.
  • Such person is bound to answer truly all questions relating to the case put to him by the officer.
  • No police officer or other person shall offer or make any such inducement, threat or promise to the person being questioned.

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