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Rights of A Person Arrested
Person Arrested To Be Informed Of Grounds Of Arrest

Every police officer arresting without warrant shall communicate to the person being arrested, full particulars of the offence for which he is arrested or other grounds of arrest.

Person Arrested To Be Informed Of Right To Bail

Where a police officer arrests without warrant a person accused of a bailable offence, he shall inform the person arrested that he entitled to be released on bail and that he may arrange for surety on his behalf.

When Searched Receipt Of The Articles Taken To Be Given

Whenever a person is arrested but the person arrested cannot furnish bail, the officer making the arrest may search such person, and place in safe custody all articles, other than necessary wearing apparel found upon him and where any article is seized from the arrested person, a receipt showing the article taken in possession shall be given to such person.

Person Arrested To Be Taken Before Magistrate Or Officer In Charge Of Police Station

Astrong police officer making an arrest without warrant shall, without unnecessary delay and subject to the provisions for bail, take or send the person arrested before Magistrate having jurisdiction of the case, or before the officer in charge of a police station.

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